Pricing 2021

Testing prices for samples deliver to SMCOY’s laboratory at Eurajoki, Finland using the unit prices below. Unit prices include sample preparation, testing and reporting. The test report includes sample list, results in table, photographs of samples in core box before and after preparation, photographs of each specimen before and after loading and the relevant test plots. For less than eight samples per test the unit prices are increased by 20 %.

Prices stated in webpage may change due to currency conversions (the reference price is in euros) or anytime without further notice, please ask for an offer. All prices are á (VAT 0 %) and  shipping, possible other taxes or possible customs costs are not included. The estimated shipping costs range from 10 € per sample onward. For example 15 UCS test samples shipped in FedEx Box from Toronto with International priority is around 29 € per sample. The shipping of a point load test device and shear test sample is more expensive than for other samples.

Please check the rock testing sample selection recommendations when shipping samples to be tested, and fill the sample list for a better identification of your samples.

Test type
Uniaxial compression test (UCS)
– UCS with E, Pr, lin. dens. and critical stresses1
– UCS peak load only, inc. linear density

386 €
196 €
Static load UCS test* On request
Indirect tensile test (Brazilian test) 84 €
Triaxial compression test 515 €
Shear and normal testing of fracture surface2 1494 €
Direct shear test of intact rock 1494 €
Drillability test 1097 €
CERCHAR Abrasivity Test (CAI) 258 €
Basic friction angle3 176 €
Joint compressive strength (JCS) 56 €
– Immersion in fluid4
– Dry and saturated density

56 €
88 €
Point Load Test
IS50 index value (based on 10 values)
– Diametric (directly from core, if possible)
– Diametric/Axial (inc. preparation of samples)

37 €
107 €
Calibration of Point Load Test device1046 €
Service of Point Load Test deviceOn request
Fracture Mode I toughness5 563 €
Fracture Mode II toughness5 601 €
Sales through local representative
In situ rock stress measurement
LVDT cell measurement from tunnel surfaceOn request
Hydraulic fracturing (HF) in situ stress measurement from a borehole
(also available with drilling of BQTK borehole)
On request

1) the price is for one axial and one tangential strain gauge or for axial and radial
extensometer. Additional two gauge rosette is +31 € per sample and testing with two three
gauge rosettes is +62 € per sample.

2) includes three joint normal stiffness tests and four direct joint shear tests
3) includes 10 tilt tests for 3 lines, 30 in total
4) European Standard EN ISO 17892-2:2014 for geotechnical laboratory testing
5) can also be conducted time-dependent, resulting in sub-critical crack growth velocity

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