In situ rock stress measurement and laboratory testing

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Rock stress measurement from existing tunnels and laboratory testing


Rock stress measurement and testing services

We offer full in situ rock stress measurement from tunnel surface, boreholes and rock mechanics laboratory testing services in Fennoscandia and all over the world.

LVDT-cell stress measurement technique

We offer a technique capable of rock stress measurement in existing underground facilities. The LVDT-cell has been developed for more fast and reliable rock stress measurements in Scandinavian hard rock conditions and it is feasible for soft rock as well. Our robust and verified in situ stress measurement technique features;

  • short boreholes from existing underground facilities
  • diamond overcore drilling with compact drill rig
  • 126 / 200mm hole diameters to minimize the effect of heterogeneity
  • installation of LVDT-cell without glue or long hardening times
  • robust 3D inversion solution based on 3D photogrammetric model
  • applied soluton method and sidecoring technique enables succesfull measurements in high stress conditions

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Technical material

LVDT cell stress measurement description
Presentation about the technique with case studies from Äspö and ONKALO
LVDT cell stress measurement description in Posiva-report 2012-43

Project references

Since 2009 in situ stress measurements have been carried out in over twenty locations in Finland and Sweden in underground laboratories and mines to evaluate the usability of the new stress measurement technique.

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Demonstration tunnel

3D photogrammetric model created from measurement location

Triangulation created after 3D photogrammetric model

Triangulation created after 3D photogrammetric model

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