Stress measurements in Sweden

Stress Measurement Company Oy has started a cooperation with the Swedish Itasca Consultants AB (, in order to offer stress measurements using the newly developed LVDT probe. By using this cell, the glue and bonding issues with strain gauges in traditional overcoring is avoided, which results in fast and reliable measurements.

Besides the vast measuring experience from Finland, we lately conducted stress measurements in the Hendriksdalen water plant extension at 45 m depth. In 2014 in Malmberget Mine for LKAB measurements were conducted using double sidecoring to avoid core disking at depth of 1054 m. In Äspö Hard Rock Laboratory, the LVDT cell was used from 2011 to 2013 for Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co at depth of 440 m.

For more information in Sweden, please contact:

Jonny Sjöberg
+46 (0)76 768 22 55

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