Borehole stress measurements

SMCOY is extending it’s measurement services to boreholes. Two measurement techniques are offered.


SMCOY has developed a new fully mechanical overcoring cell based on the same principals as the LVDT cell. The robust device can be used using the wireline system and will measure stresses accurately.

Hydraulic fracturing

SMCOY is using Mini Frac Hydraulic fracturing equipment (Mindata Ltd) for in situ stress measurements with hydraulic fracturing technique. The current range for hole diameters for hydraulic fracturing measurements are 38, 46 or 56 mm.

(in finnish in short)
Vuodesta 2016 alkaen SMCOY alkaa tarjoamaan in situ jännitystilamittauksia kairarei’istä käyttäen hydraulisen murtamisen menetelmää ja irtikairaustekniikkaa.

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