We are even more precise, reliable and efficient

SMCOY get’s even more precise, reliable and efficient with following improvements:

  • Double sidecoring technique for high stress conditions, where two sidecoring holes around one pilot hole increases the amount of data and reliability. Thus neglecting problems caused by core disking totally.
  • Second drilling and measurement unit to cut field work time over 40%. One measurement profile (with 5 overcoring holes) can be done in 3 days.
  • Quality improvement; We now use GoPro camera to backup events and computer screens during field measurement.
  • Improved 3D-photogrammetry technique for pilot and sidecoring hole locations and orientations. Accuracy is now better than 2 mm or one degree. This improves the overall reliability of the measurements.
  • 4WD VW Transported measurement unit, equipped for mine use, ready to go.
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